First football club in Smederevo municipality was founded in 1921. in Smederevo's Gymnasium, composed of students of this school under the name ''Raska''. Two years later ''Raska'' transforms into the city's club ''Djuradj Smederevac''. This club was, with a lot of success (winner of Podunavsko-Branicevski parish in season 1933/34), functional until 1944. when was definitely shut.
Roots of modern FC Smederevo rise from 6th May, 1924. On that Djurdjevdan Day, on suggestion by Ernest Radinski Serbian Mining and Ironworks company established industrial club whose colors was in the beginning as well as later, defended by professional football players from Hungary, Austria and Germany. When The World War II was over, new era of Smederevo's football starts. Continuance of industrial club was carried on by ''Metalac'' (1944-1946), then FD ''Jedinstvo'' (1946-1949), ŽSD "Smederevo (1949-1952), "Smederevo" (1952-1958), and with fusion between ''Metalac'' and ''Smederevo'' OFC ''Buducnost'' (1958-1962) was created. Very soon there was name modifications as following: FC "Smederevo" (1962-1967), FC "Metalurg" (1967-1976), FC "Smederevo" (1976-1992), FC Sartid (1992-2004) and from 15th July, 2004. FC Smederevo.
As a member of Third Division FC ''Buducnost'' was partcipant in 1958. in qualifications for forming of Second league, and in 1961. for entering in to the Second League. In domestic Cup, same club in 1958. achieved 1/16 final where was eliminated by FC Zagreb, which represents the biggest success of Smederevo's club in period after the war.
Renaissance of Smederevo's football begins from 1992. when Iron and Steel Metallurgy SARTID a.d. became the owner and sponsor of club. For short time from Zonal and Serbian League club was in 1998. accomplished dream of many generations and became a member of the First League. Start was with defeat against Radnicki from Kragujevac 1:3, but in the second round FC Red Star was defeated by 1:0. Because of the NATO bombing football championship was interrupted in the moment when our team was on the 9th place. Since 2001, Smederevo's "armoured players" played for five time in a row
in Europian competitions: Intertoto Cup in 2001,2004&2005 and UEFA Cup
in 2002 (3rd place in championship) and 2003 (National Cup winners).
By winning National Cup and great silver bowl in permanent ownership on 29th May, 2003. after victory on Partizan's Stadium against FC Red Star (1:0), crew of Goran Bogdanovic, legend of Smederevo's football, achieved greatest success. To this, doubtless historical triumph, great contribution was given by American Corporation U.S. Steel Kosice.
In the head of FC Smederevo since 22nd of July, 2003 was Thomas Kelly, general director of U.S. Steel Serbia, corporation which is the general sponsor of the football club. Since Mr. Kelly's return to the States on the head of Managing and Executive board is Bojan Bojkovic and representative of U.S. Steel Serbia is Steven Bogle who is now vice-president of the club.
Former captain, who has marked a new time of football in Smederevo, Goran Bogdanovic since 1st of June, 2005 is acting director of FC Smederevo. It is his merit that, for the first time in newer history, we have a foreign head-coach, Spanish Jaime Bauza.

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